The project of refurbishing these Swiss military barracks, destined to house around two hundred people in permanence, aimed to improve the sanitation and comfort with minimal transformation.

In order to carry out this project, it was first required to participate in a competition between 6 other architecture offices.

Stress was therefore put on simple and functional solutions. The concept of the colour light blue was used with the unique destination as a cardinal reference point. This tint was systematically applied to the wall panels at the north-east end, coinciding with the orientation for the exit of the installation. It seemed fundamental- having used such installations- to create an improved scheme of orientation. The light blue was retained due to its direct reference to cardinality, and consequently, the light of day.

Apparent good faith on behalf of the military allowed for the placement of checkered tiling in aim to clean up all humid zones of the installation.

Published in: L’Architecture de votre Canton, Genève, N°196, Editions Sofre & com.

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