Boulevard St-Georges, Genève, 2000

Severe temporal and economic restrictions were imposed for the execution of this transformation.

The characteristics of this typical centenarian bistro sufficed to restore its original spatial integrity, giving it a dignified name to the population of Geneva.

A significant pruning of the interior decor and a meticulous work ethic were brought to the project, summarising the mindset adopted for this transformation, carried out in less than a month.

The texts on each window pane act as a filter between the interior and exterior. They derive from short articles that briefly describe the history of the district.

Published in:

Genève à l’heure du design, Maison française, N° 510, in February 2002.

L’Architecture de votre Canton, Genève, N°196, Editions Sofre & com.

In addition, it can be found in the well-known compendium:

Les nouveaux bistrots de Genève et 110 incontournables,

appeared in Slatkine editions.

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