Les Marécottes (VS) 2000-2001

The renovation of the ground floor led us to suggest a living space destined for one tenant and a new linear kitchen. The space is focused around a wooden stove that acts as an alternative to traditional oil-burning stoves.

The openings were reconsidered so as to enhance the amount of natural light entering as well as panoramic views. New balconies were placed on the ground and first floors. That of the ground level entirely exploits the fragmented limit by linking two gardens, which are not adjacent. Large blinds can hinder the wind from penetrating the small sides that are in the horizontal projection of the balcony on the first floor. These blinds, with double function, also conceal the bay-window in case of absence.

The balcony on the first floor, accessible by the two bedrooms partially protects the balcony below and is characterised by its privacy.

This project stipulates the respect of interior and exterior spaces in function of the seasons. It also demands the employment of traditional materials in order to integrate with the surroundings whilst maintaining a contemporary outlook.

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