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In July 2007, M. Marc Van Paemel from angledroit Architectes was mandated by Ms. Verena Best-Mast for the rendering of survey drawings of this manor house. Dating from 1777, the mansion is classified but devoid of plans.

Hence, a precise plan of the residence, at a scale of 1/50, was conceived in the most scrupulous of manners, whilst bearing in mind both the technical aspects as well as the flaws in orthogonality. These survey drawings were then meticulously transferred onto a digital scale and completed by a diagnosis of the quality but particularly of the potential constructional problems that had arisen with the course of time.

The drawings, placed the transformed state in relation to the original and with that, were quickly considered the key element for the elaboration and development of the project. They equally became the reference point for all constructional decisions.

Classified Manor House from the XVIIIth century

Genève 2008-9


angledroit Architectes & Verena Best