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Our common reflection brought us to the parts of the house that were transformed during the XXth century, particularly concerning their weak architectural qualities in comparison to the authentic pieces of the house. To give an example, the kitchen, previously located on the garden-floor (semi-underground) was transferred to the groundfloor. It occupied the northwestern angle along with a dining and sanitary area. However, it was quickly brought to our attention that it was necessary to demolish this assembly of small spaces so as to restore the previously large kitchen to its original location. This is considered a restitution of morphological order.

The family having acquired this mansion, also requested the creation of two distinct artists’ studios. One of the latter occupies the entire volume of the roofing. The other, less demanding in space, finds itself in the southwestern area of the garden-level. For the larger of the two, in the attic, the dismantling of spaces created throughout the XXth century as well as parts of the original floor beams between the attic and the roof-space gallery was necessary. An allocation of natural light in the new working space is created by eight skylight windows, all identical and minimal in size. Moreover, the house was subtly divided into three apartments (one per floor, all distributed by the same staircase) and had to be of uni-familial use. The restitution of the function of each space hence became a priority (bedrooms, living rooms, dining area, etc).

An important and constituent point of the program was to take the necessary measures to restore the living conditions on the garden-floor. This level leans on the natural terrain on the northern side, yet is almost completely excavated on all other cardinal faces.

In addition to the repartition of spaces, the designing of custom-made furniture made for the essence of the project. Solid, noble materials, such as chestnut wood and steel, were used in the construction of all fixed furniture, which expresses itself in contemporary vocabulary.

Classified Manor House from the XVIIIth century

Genève 2008-9



angledroit Architectes & Verena Best