St-Prex (VD) 1994-1995

This transformation, requiring no authorisation for construction, has as particularity that the execution was undertaken by the architect himself. After brief organisation, the project was conducted under complete improvisation, relative to its progress. Solely technical installations were delegated to two external enterprises.

Carte blanche was essentially given to the architect. The client, upon return from a long leave of absence, found a new residence which he can appreciate up to this day.

For the essential, the departitioning of the sitting room and the partial demolition of the walls allowed for a larger benefit of natural light as the main light source. Openings were introduced in the wall adjacent to the stairwell in order to define visual points that accentuate the centrality of the staircase and the zenithal glass roof.

All that was destroyed was reconstructed, integrating the imperceptible parametres before construction. Therefore, instead of closing up the ceiling of the access hallway, after placing an electric line, luminous cases were installed between the balks, nevertheless offering a perception of the constructive structural system of this small home.

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